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Susan Flockhart


Anonymous said...

These are really good, Sue. I like the way you're still experimenting with different styles. Thought the top one (Twickenham, view of the Thames) was a photo at first - it's very lifelike.

Tom Christopher said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Sue--nice work here I really like the high heels --very dramtic--Tom

BekkaPoo said...

Great work.. don't be afraid to experiment, as that is what an artist is born to do.. Try this, try that, try the other other thing, and sometimes stumble upon a bit of genius. ~Bekka

Anonymous said...

hi Sue

It's Ruma, I never new you were interested in art. These are great!
Take care

Anonymous said...

nice work, Susan. - especially the landscapes, but i love your experimental pieces very much too - and those shoes rock.!!

(PS - thanks for your comments on Cennini - i had missed it, but just caught it clicking back. :o) )

Anonymous said...

nice work sista, love your work and experiments with new techniques. Well done x

Anonymous said...

H Sue,

This site is ace, I always brag to people about it...Very proud of you sis.


Anonymous said...

Wow Sue!
I had no idea, first your excellent, creative blog and then this. Super painting and excellent website to present your artwork and ideas.

Anonymous said...

I like "Winter Sky in South Kensington". It hints of that starkness associated with winter, but also it gives a sense of "spooky". Like something disturbing might be awaiting "off-canvas".
It's just my imagination. Now, if you tried to paint a picture specifically intending to hinting of something disturbing in the vicinity - I think I'd love it. :c)

Flávio said...

very well liked

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely site Susan - I love the portraits :-)